Friday, April 20, 2012

Zimmerman soon to be out on Bond

G'day Everyone.

It sickens me completely. Why should a criminal that killed another living being be allowed to taste his last freedoms of his life before he's finally convicted? Zimmerman is finally going to be allowed out on bond soon to prepare for his defense. With all the conditions imposed upon Zimmerman, they're going to try to protect him out of the State of Florida.

But what promise is that safety when the nation is already so angry of what Zimmerman has done to an African American kid? Why could he make that "Apology" at this point on the stand? O'Mara should have pulled him off the stand the moment Zimmerman said his apology.

If Zimmerman gets out on bond and away to safety, he better hope that his new location has a chapel in it because he better be praying really hard for his safety and his coming trial.

CNN Blog

God help Zimmerman. It would be better if he pleaded today to spare everyone the expense of a trial. But until then, Justice continues to turn on the wheels. However, God will have the FINAL say on Zimmerman one day.

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