Friday, April 20, 2012

Take away the guns from the Neighborhood Watch Groups

G'day Every one.

The Zimmerman case is going to impact every neighborhood watch groups as much as it can happen. In the case where Zimmerman, who was a neighborhood watchman, has profiled a visitor (Treyvon Martin) to his community and then confronted him (Martin) into a situation where he felt he had to "SHOOT TO KILL" the poor kid.

Based on what's happened today in that court room, this ought to resound out to every neighborhood watch groups in a clear message: Nobody should carry the guns any more for any reason!
A neighborhood watch group should have only the following things:
A night stick, heavy duty flash light, can of mace, digital camera, and powerful cell phone.

The first and foremost duty if they suspect a crime that happens in their area is to call 911 and listen to the exact instructions. Did you get what I said? LISTEN TO THE EXACT INSTRUCTIONS THAT THEY GIVE YOU.

Zimmerman didn't listen. So does that give him the right to use his "stand your ground" law? NO. Any right that Zimmerman has are gone already. Especially in the moment that he gave his controversial apology on the stand that could be used against him in the upcoming trial.

Neighborhood watch groups need to retrain their people with the following duty: Watch your area, but DO NOT PLAY THE HERO. Call for help. By the mean of help is the POLICE or STATE POLICE. The police are PROFESSIONALS. They know the law and know what to do.

So if there's a neighborhood watch group in your area, tell them to ditch their guns. Only the homeowner and the police have a right to a gun. A neighborhood watch group doesn't have that right any more. Thanks to Zimmerman. Better to have a camera than a gun to use as proof in a court of law against the common criminal.

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Robert Goodwin said...

Don't forget this one...

If a homeowner has a gun, and is requested to become a neighborhood watch captain or someone on watch, leave the gun at home.

The digicam and cellphones would probably be your best weapons. Video and stills don't lie and can be great evidence. Not sure about a nightstick, but it can be a good weapon if needed. I'd leave the tasers and shock weapons at home.

Your best kit to keep around would be a first aid kit. Not just plain bandaids but also bandages, gauze pads/squares, tapes, hydrogen peroxide, that kind of thing.