Thursday, April 19, 2012

Should Zimmerman be let out for his Defense?

G'day Everyone.

First, I want you all to read about the updated case on the Martin/Zimmerman situation (as highlighted as a link)

Second, I wanted to say a few things about this case here. Just as the emotionally charged case as this has been of a Hispanic man killing an African-American (black, as we say) teenager for whatever reason he has, the question of him being out on bond in this now 2nd degree murder charge would be the question of the Sanford Community reaction.

When Zimmerman killed Treyvon Martin, Zimmerman hid for his life. He hid until the day he could surrender with assurances that the local police wouldn't shoot to kill him as murder charges came up. It's a pure wonder that he surrendered in Jacksonville, Florida instead of Sanford, Florida.

Now the question is: Will Zimmerman be out on bond to help his defense or will he remain in jail?
In my honest opinion: Sure it's going to be tough for Zimmerman to prepare his defense if his bond is so high that he must remain in jail. But, if he's given an easy bond to get out, then he's got to worry about his safety in the full view of the Florida community as well as the safety of his family as well. No matter what the bond may be, since these are state charges and this being a murder case, Zimmerman should remain in jail for his own safety and for the safety of his family.

However, if Zimmerman stays put in jail in the event that the Federal Government decides to push Federal Civil Rights charges on him, he's going to need all that credit time for staying in jail to get his prison term reduced whatever it be in the State of Florida or Federal Prison area.

Whatever what the court decides for Zimmerman's bond fate, I would encourage his lawyer O'Mara to keep his client in jail for safety reasons.

Keep watching CNN tomorrow. The bond hearing will be very interesting for sure.

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