Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Zimmerman case goes on viral

G'day Every one.

When I came home a short time ago and caught the last bit of Robert Zimmerman pound out that his brother George Zimmerman is "INNOCENT" and PROTECTED because he shot Treyvon Martin, that Robert Zimmerman just ought to run for cover right now. But he still thinks his brother did the right thing.

Truth is, now that the long legal process has started, there's a good chance George Zimmerman isn't going to get out of jail any time. If a judge has any common sense, I'll leave George Zimmerman in Jail for his own protection and safety.

Here's the time line of events for Zimmerman.: The next things.

latest info

As the Zimmerman case begins to wind through the court system, it will be interesting to see how well the events play out. Expect one to happen: George Zimmerman will have a mental evaluation. If he's found to have a mental breakdown at the time of the martin shooting, he'll most likely wind up committed to a mental hospital for a long time.

What ever happens in the coming days, Florida can breath easier: A killer is off the streets. Everyone can mourn for Trayvon Martin in peace.

But until the court cases begins, here's my advice to the Zimmerman family: Listen to the lawyer, stay off the media groups. The more damage you say that George is innocent will be more likely that he'll be found GUILTY.

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