Friday, April 13, 2012

Stay Calm People!

G'day Everyone.

North Korea fired their rocket. Warnings should have gone all over the world and alerted everyone to it. But you know what? It was a dud. It broke up before it could reach space itself. Embarrassing? Yes. So much for their expensive fire works. Just hope the United Nations hits them hard with new penalties. But everyone is thanking God and staying calm.

Staying calm? Oh yes. That's the word of the day. You see, many people are just not angry in Florida at George Zimmerman, who shot Trayvon Martin, many people are angry at Jerry Sandusky as well in State College, PA. There's a huge difference here.

George Zimmerman will have to wait 6 months to a year before his court trial begins and then he can explain in his own words about his wrong doing. But the longer Zimmerman sits in jail, the more he needs to think, especially to think to God about his plea. If he pleas GUILTY, it'll spare the community the expense of an emotional turmoil of a trial. If Zimmerman does make that GUILTY plea (without any type of plea agreement with the prosecutor), he'll surrender his remaining life in prison. That's worth the price to keep the community calm.

Jerry Sandusky, who has lived in his own house under house arrest while being protected by a lone police guard, isn't so lucky. Sandusky knows daily that the State College Community is already up in arms over his child abuse that he's done and trying to do everything to get his charges dismissed. Lately, a judge has refused to do that which sets the stage more clearly for the upcoming Summer court trial in which Jerry Sandusky will have to try to convince a jury that he's "innocent" of the crimes he's committed against kids.
By then Jerry Sandusky had better count his remaining days of living in his home. He better savor it all before he has to flee for the nearest jail cell. Truth is: Jerry Sandusky should be sitting in a jail cell and earning credit for time served. House Arrest doesn't give time served. ( I could be wrong on that).

All in all, Zimmerman's in Jail and Sandusky lives in his own house arrest home. Just as equally for both communities: Peace and Calm must happen. Justice isn't perfect here on earth. Some times, Justice is blind as well. Justice isn't always that fair. But over all, if we let the process of justice work, Justice will eventually work correctly.

What happens when Justice fails? That is where God takes over accountability of some one's life. At the conclusion (at death) of Sandusky and Zimmerman's lives, they will both face the Court of God.
Zimmerman will come face-to-face with Travyon Martin (and any other victims that Zimmerman has hurt).
Sandusky will come face-to-face with all his victims.
For both men: they will have NO DEFENSE. Their lives are an open book. They will be judged quickly and fairly. The verdict will be swift and permanently. Eternally deadly too.

At this point, I do want to appeal for people to stay calm in State College, PA and Sanford, Florida. Let Sandusky and Zimmerman get their day in court. Their verdicts will come soon.

Until then, let's hope life remains normal for everyone till the day of the verdict for both men.

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