Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Breaking news... Zimmerman Arrested!


Breaking NEWS.. Zimmerman arrested!

Every one in the State of Florida can rest easy now. Finally after 44 days, George Zimmerman has finally been arrested and charged with 2nd degree MURDER! Though they're not saying where he's jailed "for his safety", I can bet you that he's being held in an isolation jail cell for his own well being.

It was a long time going to happen in this case. Nobody had a doubt that zimmerman would escape justice. But now we know. Get ready for the trial people. Zimmerman's day in court is next and he'll have ONE chance to show why he's NOT GUILTY. But it's too late for him in the court of public opinion. Most of us know he's GUILTY already.

But until then, he better listen to his lawyers and stay put in that nice jail cell. Next stop, PRISON FOR ZIMMERMAN!

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