Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Zimmerman and Sandusky

G'day Everyone:

I'm kind of shocked. Zimmerman's raising money to help his legal defense funds after he shot Trayvon Martin. But you know, he's not charged, running for his life, and basically he can't work anywhere for a long time.

Huffpost article

Though Zimmerman knows the day's coming when he'll eventually be charged in this situation and despite all the money he spends, he's most likely going to be CONVICTED and sent to prison and then has to defend himself in a civil lawsuit next. Personally, he better be wishing he died because he's got to wish he listened to the police rather than shooting Trayvon in the first place.

Meanwhile: In the Jerry Sandusky case:

Finally a judge has had enough of the damages of the upcoming trial of Jerry Sandusky. So what to do: ISSUE A GAG ORDER on both Jerry Sandusky's lawyers and the prosecutors!!
Legal gags!

Sadly to say, Jerry Sandusky isn't going to find himself a fair trial at any price already. He should have known this years ago in what he was doing and he knew the massive fall-out that happened last year and Paterno's passing would make an impact on his legal standings. Can anyone in this state of PA really be on the jury for Jerry Sandusky? I don't think so.

At this point, that gag order should have been issued the moment Jerry Sandusky was arrested.
So, what's Jerry Sandusky's future? GRIM!

Jerry better hope he spent his days in his own home really well among his family and friends, because by the time he's called up to court, he'd better wish he spent his days in a jail cell to get credit for time served.

But, he's taking an awful gamble of his life to find himself "innocent" though he's looking a lot less already.

Best wishes, Sandusky, because I think God's gonna call you for His Court instead soon.

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