Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New concerns of the Zimmerman case.

Breaking news: Announcement coming later today on the case.
(this came as I was posting this). Stay tuned to CNN.

G'day Everyone.

Zimmerman is on the run. His lawyers have given up on him. But one thing is this: Zimmerman is guilty and he knows it. So he's running to remain free and stay alive. But if he gets out of the country, he better be sure he can be extradited back to Florida.

Meanwhile: The Florida Special Prosecutor has a very tough moment of an announcement soon. However, that could put everyone on edge. Two specific questions: Will Zimmerman be charged? OR.. Will Zimmerman be shielded and prevented from being charged in the "Stand Your Ground" law?

What ever happens in this event: Prosecution announcement soon Nobody may ever find justice.

However a good opinion was found on CNN: Let the Grand Jury decide

No matter what decision comes out in Florida, there will be problems galore.
Ever since Trayvon Martin was shot, police have a public image problem now. Neighborhood Watch Associations have an image problem now. Worst of all: Sanford, Florida has a race relations problems between African-Americans (blacks), Hispanics, Latinos, and white people.

Those problems became clear at the moment the 911 told Zimmerman "DO NOT CHASE. POLICE SENT TO YOUR LOCATION". Zimmerman ignored it, chased Martin, got into a confrontation, and then SHOT Martin.

The one thing that has happened and should have remained to happen was an arrest of George Zimmerman and put in to jail for his own safety. But, as long as Zimmerman runs, he is a flight risk. Woe to the person who he runs into and decides to gun him down for his/her safety.

So here's my advice to George Zimmerman out there: Surrender before you get SHOT to death by any one! The longer you run, Zimmerman, the more it looks bad for you.

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