Monday, April 9, 2012

Hillary and the Democrats

G'day Everyone.

Poor Hillary Clinton. For last 4 years, she has faithfully served our nation as secretary of state. That is ever since President Obama appointed her to that post in exchange for her to give up the nomination of President in defer to him.

Hillary to miss the Democratic Convention

When I look back at that moment of the Democratic Convention pictures in my mind, I remember the very moment that Hillary Clinton, back then she was the infamous NY carpet bagger, walked in hand in hand with the blind governor of NY and proposed that the nomination be suspended in favor of party united behind Obama back then. I could tell Hillary was shaking. Whatever if it was anger or fear, she looked like she has lost her greatest political ambition in life.

Not too long ago, we all hoped that she would be the lead candidate of 2012 for the democrats. Apparently, the Democrats want Obama again (horrors!).
However at this point of political life, Hillary Clinton may actually be glad that she's NOT showing up for the Democratic Convention because of her duties. But in her place is Bill Clinton.

When you think about it, I think Hillary will sleep better at night rather than having to walk into that convention and re-living the entire 2008 nightmare all over again. Since she is NOT wanting to run for 2012 (good chance some people may write her in any how), Hillary may well focus on 2016.

When 2016 hits, Hillary Clinton will cite the ups and downs that Obama has had in his 8 years (if he wins the next 4 years). But she will focus on the failed promises and the problems Obama has done for our nation. If God keeps Hillary Clinton alive for 2016 election and through 2020, I will obviously vote for her. One reason why: Bill Clinton brought our nation into a stable financial nation. That is one reason why America needs him again. If Obama can't replicate what Clinton can do, then wait and vote for Hillary in 2016.

So who to vote for this year? God help our nation. It is a very difficult choice. By the time the Summer of 2012 comes, we may well have some clear political choices.

Until then, Pray for our nation. At the same time: To Hillary Clinton, Plan a vacation away from the democrats and their convention. You really deserve a break for a while from politics!

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