Monday, April 16, 2012

Stand Your Ground Law?

G'day Everyone.

Ever since George Zimmerman was arrested in the Treyvon Martin case, there is discussion that surrounds the law in many states: The Stand Your Ground law.

Basically this law is designed for homeowners to have defense against intruders, attackers, and even home invaders. Why? So that the home owner can KILL them (the intruders) when they feel they and their loved ones are in danger of being killed.
However, it does NOT shield the home owner if the police do identify themselves (PROPERLY and at once) upon entering the home and if the home owner accidentally kills them. (BIG OOPS!).

While Zimmerman is trying to use the stand your ground law in his defense, it was (for a moment's time) that he nearly walked away Scott-free from it all with the help of the "keystone kops" of Sanford Police Dept.

That's where the Florida Governor used a Special Prosecutor to investigate as fast as possible. She has done a good job. She had to get to the point to make a decision to charge Zimmerman with 2nd degree murder. If she had charged him with 1st degree, Zimmerman could have gotten the death penalty.

But as it stands, a 2nd degree murder charge is better than nothing. For Zimmerman, he had best pray for himself and for family. Right now, his entire fate hangs in the hands of the court. Basically to say this: if Mark O'Mara gets Zimmerman out on bond, it puts his client at risk of the angry people. It would be better if Zimmerman remains in jail for the safety of his life and earning credit for future prison time.

How will the future go with all the law makers? Basically to say, they do have their work for them to do to change the "stand your ground" law more clearly. But, if they leave it as it is, which the national rifle association (NRA) wants them to do, more crazy people could kill others and that's just not good gun rights. Let's hope the law makers do their job right.

Until next post, keep the home protected.

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