Thursday, April 19, 2012

The GOP must be careful this time.

G'day Everyone.

Every one's eyes have been turned on to the possible GOP candidate, Mitt Romney, as the next possible President of the USA.

The Warning to Romney

However, Romney must be very careful right now. So careful, he has to take great care in choosing who he wants to be his Vice President because if something happens to Romney, this person would be the next in line to be President of USA.

Why does he have to be careful? We hark back to 2008. It was back then that John McCain picked a bimbo named Sarah Palin, who was a nobody in the dark Governor of Alaska. Palin became the first problem for McCain's election. Nobody didn't know her and she wasn't the perfect lady at all. Such was a huge problem.

The second thing that really killed McCain's chances for the White House was when after McCain got the nomination secured, he paid a visit to then President Bush. It was that visit that everyone did NOT want to see happen. At that time, the country was right against Bush then. John McCain regretted paying a respectful visit to Bush and tried to explain it away as "Political matters".

It lead to the country's land slide election win under Obama's "CHANGE" promise. Oh how things have really did "change" our country and our nation and our world!!

In this case, Romney has one thing going for him at this time: Our President is a democrat and sitting low in his polls. Two: Romney has NO INTEREST in visiting him if he wins the nomination later this Summer. So could that translate into a win for the Fall 2012 Election win? Maybe. Depending on WHO Romney wants for his Vice President.

The one other advantage for the GOP is that the democrats are not putting anyone up in their field to challenge Obama. This is if the Democrats really wanted to replace him, they would have done that long ago. So to speak: Obama may be in place to get 4 more years. IF he wins the election.

While we see this election as a good thing for our nation, we need to continue to look at everything about Romney and Obama. Who will win it all?

We're really looking at the next 4 years of our nation. We're looking for the proper leader of our country to make us economically better and in hopes that we'll create more jobs to put people back to work.

However, barring a major natural disaster or Nuclear war that leaves Obama to continue to lead this nation, this could happen. We need to pray that nothing bad happens between now and November 2012. We must pray we choose the next leader of our country to help us have the next better 4 years.

Until then, may the political winds favor the right man.

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