Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The passing of Dick Clark!

G'day Every one!

Just barely 3 and a half months ago, we were all on December 31, 2011 where we gathered around our TV sets and watched the New Year's Eve ball drop down in the Times Square of NYC. That wonderful legend of life, Dick Clark was there to help us welcome all the wonder of the coming New Years as our calender flipped from December 31 to January 1st of every year.

Nobody had any indication that this recently past NYE of December 31, 2011 and January 1st, 2012 would be Dick Clark's very last New Year's Eve that he would see to live.

The passing of Dick Clark (as filed on

CNN Site post about Dick Clark

It is a real shock to hear that America's never grown up young man (he's 82.. but we can always say he's 28) that acts like a Teenager for his age and his life. He was a man that was a real show person.

Dick Clark has passed away. From all the things that he's done, from hosting American Bandstand, Game shows, and of course his Rocking New Year's Eve shows. His NYE shows always kicked off so well, we seem to always have a wonderful New Years Eve year after year.

But when December 31, 2012 hits and January 1, 2013 is here: Things will NOT be the same with out him.

It is with a heavy heart and full of prayers that go out to his family and friends and fans. Good-bye Dick Clark. You rocked our world in ways we could not imagine. May God bring you to a gentle transition to life eternity.

Last and most of what I do remember is when Dick Clark introduced Weird Al Yankovic's song of Amish Paradise. The song is so funny, I was watching that NYE when Al Yankovic sang the song. So, In memory of Dick Clark, here's the song:

AMISH PARADISE (lyrics written behind "show more")

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