Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A lonely child in the world.

G'day Everyone.

How would you feel to be born, living just 3 days, and knowing you would not see your mom ever again?

Violent killing and Kidnapping

When you read this cruel and heart breaking story of a woman who set out to "adopt" a baby, she set out to MURDER so that the baby couldn't be taken away from her. But just like a dumb crook, she had a GUILTY moral and got convicted by God of what she had done.

The baby is safe, but the child will grow up to learn that this lady killed his mom.

If the State of Texas gets it's way: Verna McClain not only faces capital murder charges but she could face the death penalty in this case. Hopefully, that will be the only justice and comfort that baby Keegan should feel: the death of his mother's killer by Lethal Injection.

Pray for baby Keegan and his family. Verna McClain better start pleading for mercy because of the cruel nature of what she's done. Given to how the Treyvon Martin case is, she may not get it.
God have mercy in this one.

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