Wednesday, April 18, 2012

No more Deaf Guide at

G'day Everyone.

I had to sit on a major story that came about at the beginning of March 2012. But had to wait till took the deaf guide author's picture off their site on the

Sadly to say, I have liked that deaf guide who has worked really hard for the last 15 years on the site. She filled us with info about the deaf culture and the events going on in the deaf community. But in the last 5 years, the site to her to fill her site with medical related information to show support for the Cochlear Implant community. Suddenly it seemed like ASL or Sign Language was no longer a cause for an important link among the community.

Eventually, the site has replaced the deaf guide with someone else. Sadly to say we have no idea if this person knows about the deaf culture/community or is just supporting the medical information about CI.

As a matter of fact nearly all of is nearly medical related information now. As I have talked with many friends, most have left for other information as well as deaf culture support.

Sherlock is no longer listing on his site. It was only listed on this site to show support for my wonderful friend who has spent her hard working years on that website. You will most likely find her more often on the Caption Action 2 site of which she will do more work on that and remain involved with the deaf community.

Caption action 2 is very important to all of us as we try to encourage websites to add closed captions or open captions to their shows and movies. It may not be long before cable TV completely jumps to the Internet for the future. But until technology is really ready for an all Internet cable show, just be thankful you can still see great shows on your flat screen TV with closed captions.

If you ever need any medical information about your deafness, just go to Enjoy!

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