Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter 2012

G'day Everyone!

As the Holy week winds down into the climax of Easter Sunday 2012, it is some what quiet.
I am thinking of many of the residents of a certain apartment complex in Virginia Beach, Virginia where a navy plane had a catastrophic failure and crashed into an apartment buildings. The amount of destruction is very huge.
What has happened there will hurt the tourist trade from visiting that location until some lawsuits from this incident is cleared up. When I visited Virginia Beach last year, some of the locals have been acting very tense every time a navy plane takes off and lands at that airport. Everyone was afraid an incident would happen one day. Now it has.
As an investigation begins, how much of a future will these Navy plane flights will have in Virginia Beach? This could not have come at a worse time when the summer tourist season is about to begin this year.
Please be thinking of many of the residents of that apartment complex. Many lives have been impacted here. It will be a long while before the State of Virginia allows another Navy plane to fly over one of their best tourist sites.

As Good Friday has come to pass, it do you well to remember that Jesus Christ died for your sins. Accepting Christ as your salvation is the only way to Heaven. The world may well say that there are many ways/paths and faiths to get into Heaven, but that is none compared to Christ alone.

Without accepting Jesus Christ as a personal salvation, many people from all walks of life/religious faiths wind up at the Throne of Judgement where people will find themselves separated for an eternity in the Lake of Fire because of their sins. Easter is the reminder that Christ rose victorious over sin, ascended in to Heaven, and will one day (to the shock of the Pope of Rome and the world) Christ will return as King to this world and claim his throne in Israel.

When Easter comes on Sunday, remember to praise God in all things. May it be a blessed Easter for all of my readers.

To all my Jewish readers, May it be a wonderful and blessed Passover week for everyone. May God bless the nation of Israel

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