Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weather Disasters the cause of Global Warming?

G'day Everyone.

Each day passes with a sense of prayer and concern. Watching the sky and earth. But with a weather eye on the horizon (pirate speak), we should all be prepared for what is going on in this world.

When Chick tracts came out with their latest tract: Global Warming , I really began to consider things very seriously.

Open the first page of that tract and there's Albert (AL) Gore look-alike. I laughed a bit. In truth, I haven't seen our former Vice-President in person since the day Bush Jr. beat him in the last presidential race.

But for years, Gore has been an environmentalist person of trying to protect the planet. However, not all science here on earth is that perfect.

But read the tract and realize the truth, things are being prepared for the coming of 7 years.
As the weather grows worse and stronger, life here on earth becomes to be a precious time. There is NO way to predict a storm will blow up in a nanosecond. There's no way to say if it will be a gentle storm or not.

Whatever it is, things are getting worse. It is the warning that God is preparing for the moment of when he will call his people home. When would the rapture happen? We have no way of knowing the day when the massive chaos will hit.
But the storms are already impacting on the prices of food, gas, and building supplies.
The cost of life is already hitting the insurance industry really bad.

As I look at how things are happening, I personally believe things will get worse than it is already. But should the day countries launch their nuclear weapons to strike at everyone else, that will have a greater environment impact. Think of Japan! Last year's earthquake and tsunami disaster exposed their nuclear reactors and rods to the open air with series of hydrogen explosions. What's to prevent something like this from happening here in our own country?
Many of our nuclear plants are pretty much old and brittle enough to crack like an egg in an earthquake.

Whatever happens between now and Easter 2012, Pray. Consider yourselves warned. The time of redemption is already here.

God bless to each of you AND do keep a weather eye on the horizon. Just pray you see a rainbow.

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Jim said...

You would think all those famous people in the past make prediction or present people or future people know exactly when the world will end or when Jesus will come are wrong and will continue to be wrong. Like the Bible says "Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. (KJV)"
Global Warming could be a sign of end of time. All we need to do is to look forward for Jesus to come and not worry about anything else.