Monday, March 5, 2012

The end of Blazing Saddles is Germany's new film?

G'day Everyone.

Good Gravies? Has Germany gone Mel Brooks madness lately? Especially in the film industry?

Here's the link: IRON SKY (a CNN article).

Now, one interesting thing that I do remember and this movie may be the spoof-off of the Mel Brooks movie: History of the world, Part 1. (sorry folks, he never did history of the world, part 2).

But the moment in that movie makes me remember about this, not just iron sky here, is when Mel Brooks did the sci-fi spoof: Jews in Space part in the History of the World, part 1 movie.

In sense, Mel Brooks was poking fun at the Jews with the music number of "the inquisition". (yes, that's a link. sorry no written lyrics).

But here's the movie that got me thinking about his other spoof: Jews in Space! (found out that this was his trailer for History of the World, Part 2)

Another movie trailer to the supposed History of the World, part two was: Hitler on Ice! (ok, I had to make fun of Germany too. Equal time!).

But who ever had the idea to make and film Iron Sky, I'm pretty sure he got it from Mel Brooks.

Nazis on the moon? Ahh, Hitler had a fetish dream. And of course, the world has never thought to go back to the moon or make a colony on it. So much for those dreams.

However, pray that the persecution of the Jews never happens. For it is described in the Word of God of the very future of mankind of what happens in the tribulation. A society far worse then the Nazi Germany was. Some day we will turn into that fear some state of society.

At the present, Iran is acting just like a country punk nation like Germany was. Could it be in the day that God will stop them? I think so.

We shall soon see. I hope Iron Sky goes world wide so we can see that interpretation of Hitler trying again to win the war on the world. I believe he will fail, comedy wise, again! *piffffttt!*

Until next post, just go watch movies..

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