Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Passing of Davy Jones.

G'day Everyone.

Death claimed himself on Sadie Hawkins Day the one thing that people liked the most:

Davy Jones. Link: Orbit of Davy Jones

*sigh*. It had to happen. We all knew musicians do age and do die when their time comes.
I always did like the Monkees as a music fan. Their music is light, cheery, and fun.

If you look it up on, they are easy to lipread at times. But it's better with lyrics as well.

David "Davy" Jones passed away yesterday at the age of 66 years old of a heart attack.

But you may do well to remember what happens when Death happens

I meet Davy Jones in my hometown music store about 10 years ago or so. He was/is a nice person. A little ego. But he is friendly to many people. He will be missed.
God bless for making our lives a part of your music, Davy. Rest in peace, my friend.

Respect for the monkees (an opinion)

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