Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Union's attempt to take back Wisconsin!

G'day Everyone.

I pity the people of the State of Wisconsin. Just like stupid sheep, they listen to all the promises of the glorified "Union" and their political leaders in order to attack their Governor and Lt. Governor.

Take back Wisconsin?

If Wisconsin votes out their Governor and Lt.Governor in a union supported recall and then get someone who's a union clone like Obama, it could be more worse than it is already.

Governor Walker did his job proper by shutting the union's power down in order to save the budget of the State of Wisconsin. If they replace Walker with someone who puts the union back in power with the state, then the state would be destroyed.

Whatever happens in the coming summer vote, it's the people who will make the choice for who they want to lead their state. If they fall into a bad choice supported by the union, then democracy has failed. If I lived in Wisconsin, I'd encourage them to wait until the next election to vote who they want to replace their Governor/Lt.Governor. A recall effort is a rush to judgement, which has bad decisions and intentions. Let Governor Walker fulfill his term.

Replace him and then Wisconsin ends up with regrets that will be served with plenty of eggs on every one's face. Unions should NOT have any kind of political power, but just enough to help their fellow co-workers.

Till next post, VOTE NO on the Wisconsin recall.

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