Monday, March 12, 2012

New PSU fall out

G'day Everyone.

There's a new fallout at the Penn State University and it's not just about Sandusky! It happens to be the PSU Board of Trustees (BOTs) logic reasoning for firing Joe Paterno.

PSU Article on CNN and the PSU Online article

Sadly to say, There's no way that Penn State University nor the BoTs of PSU can honor Joe Paterno at any time in our lives. The PSU BoTs have written themselves in a corner where they have no way out of their trouble.

Personally, Joe Paterno doesn't need any more honors from any one. All that was said and done at his funeral and his memorial services.

PSU shouldn't have released it's "own report" because now it becomes fodder into the investigation by the coming Jerry Sandusky trial and the Federal Government's probe.

If the Jerry Sandusky trial does reveal that the BoTs of PSU DO KNOW what Joe Paterno told his bosses, then they'll be found Guilty as well. I personally believe former PSU President Spanier will also be on the witness stand as well.

If the current PSU BoTs decide to resign and let new PSU BoTs take over, it's like passing a "hot potato". But none the less, the new PSU BoTs will be facing the same issues.

It doesn't matter now what the PSU BoTs says of their "investigation". All that is said and done and Joe Paterno is with God in his own place. The PSU BoTs will find themselves before God's throne as well and they'll be forced to say the truth, no matter what. Their own GUILT will be found upon them. Especially for what they failed to do when Joe told them himself.

Stock up on popcorn, boys and girls. Pick your spots quickly. The late Spring court trial of Jerry Sandusky will be the big media circus that will happen for one last time. The truth will be the main focus of it all.

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