Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blagojevich's last hurrah and Barbour Bombshell!

G'day Everyone.

In his final act of stupid humanity and some boasting bravery that he's survive Federal Prison in the State of Colorado, Blagojevich gave his last speech that sounds like his last hurrah.

Blagojevich's last laugh!

Blagojevich has no idea of what prison life is like. From what a friend of mine has told me about (and no I'm not disclosing that info) life there, Blagojevich is in for a HUGE surprise. Just wait till the sun rises and he breaths his last FRESH AIR. (Make sure you stock up on air in your lungs, Blagojevich, oops..too late! It's gone!). Once he's in custody of the prison police and escorted through the gates, the only thing that resonate in his mind is the clang of the gates and the clang of his cell door.

That should tell him he has begun 14 years of HARD TIME.

BUT... Have we heard the last of Blagojevich? I personally believe that Blagojevich will some how make an appeal and we'll hear more about him down the road. However, we could see and hear Blagojevich back in less than half of the time if he gets out for good behavior. Politics-wise? I don't expect Blagojevich to be back in power at any time, much less of his family to hang around him. If his wife bolts from him, she'll be better off. So will her kids. (Expect them to change their last names).

Meanwhile, Former Mississippi Governor Barbour may have unloaded a bombshell in which the citizens of Mississippi will not ever recover for a long time.

The Barbour Bombshell

While it stands to be shocking of what Barbour has done to hurt the victims, the police, and his home state of Mississippi, Barbour shows signs of NO repentance of what he's done.

How evil is it to allow murderers to go free on a pardon and call them "rehabilitated"? It's very evil.

The story needs no comment more, but only one thing that I must say:

Should God call home Blagojevich, Barbour, and Barbour's 200 pardoned prisoners for the High Court of Heaven where the great judge KING JESUS resides, every one should firmly believe that God's justice will be dealt fairly and swiftly and without any compromise. May any of these men try to repent here while they can because once dead and appearing there, there's no hope.

Ultimate justice will be done one day. I believe in that! Count on it.

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