Sunday, March 11, 2012

Harold Camping Admits his SIN!

G'day Everyone.

After creating so much chaos and havoc among many Christians, Harold Camping finally admits his SIN in trying to predict the end of the world!

Harold Camping's admission and also another admission post

Camping still faces a lot of legal stuff and possible some other issues. But at the most, Harold Camping ought to use what is left of his life and prepare for his coming death when he will be called to stand before the Throne of King Jesus.

Apology is not enough given that Harold Camping hurt many people. But asking for forgiveness? That could take a long while for many Christians to get their faith back to where it is. Many may not. But who knows?

My readers, we know NOT when the rapture or the judgements of this world, specifically the 7 horrible years, will hit this earth. But the Word of God has warned us of these events. When do they happen is only in God's time, not ours.

Prepare for your life, Harold Camping. There's a final exam and believe me, you WON'T pass it.

Meanwhile: No more Hour of Power at any time now. Latest info. I'm sad for that mega church. It goes to show that big churches do not mean big profits.

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