Sunday, March 25, 2012

The mounting Sandusky case.

G'day Everyone.

Lately, Jerry Sandusky's lawyers have been trying to get all of the charges in the PSU child abuse case saying that these charges may not be possible because of the statue of limitations on the time. However, it is really getting sticky for the PSU Board of Trustees right now as they are trying to distance themselves from everything going on around them.

But this latest CNN news might trap them for good:

Shrink tags Sandusky as possible child abuser

Believe me, if Joe Paterno didn't have the heart to fire his "good friend" Jerry Sandusky, that is why Joe Paterno told the Board of Trustees and President Spanier to do the ugly work of firing someone. Sadly to say this, it was swept under the rugs until now.

So here's the question: Will Jerry Sandusky ask for a plead in his case before it gets to be too late? Time's running out for him.

Meanwhile: I want to post a personal plea to George Zimmerman who is still at large in the Trayvon Martin Case:
Sherlock says to Zimmerman:
"Turn yourself into the FBI agents quickly as possible!
Do not wait. Your life is clearly in danger!".

Because of the events that have been happening in Florida, there are some possible groups who could do vengeance upon Zimmerman if they happen upon him. But then Treyvon Martin would be denied proper justice of killer. I do caution people that if they see George Zimmerman, they should call their State Police or their FBI agent office and tell them to pick up George Zimmerman quickly as possible. He needs to get in State or Federal protection custody asap.

Let's hope the State of Florida goes for the arrest of George Zimmerman. This must happen asap.

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