Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dharun Ravi on ABC's 20/20

G'day Everyone.

Dharun Ravi made the news again today:

Dharun Ravi on ABC 20/20

Read the link and I dare everyone to watch what Ravi says because it will be used against him in his upcoming sentence phase later this Spring.

Many people should tell him to be a man and accept the facts that he was convicted CLOSELY enough that he caused Tyler Clementi to jump. Tyler may have many problems, but you know, Ravi should have gone personally to the police at the moment Tyler's death became known.

Even if he says that he blames it all on his "dumb kid" moments, it's no excuse of his life.

No matter what Dharun Ravi says on 20/20, there's a good chance it'll be played back in his next court case and used against him. Perhaps enough for a judge to sentence Ravi to the maximum term possible and telling Ravi to finish the entire sentence as a lesson before going back to his home country.

No matter what Dharun Ravi says of his "comfort" or forgiveness from Tyler Clementi, Ravi has caused a direct impact of what he's done, not only to Clementi, but everyone else across the Rutgers campus and on the twitter accounts.

Perhaps one thing the judge should do: Banish Dharun Ravi for life from using any technology stuff until he's 40. Perhaps that'll be then the safest point of maturity for Ravi to be able to use computer then. But until that day, Ravi better make his peace with life because State Prison will be very rough.

Good luck, Ravi, you will need it.

but then again, not everyone agrees with that too.

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