Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Martin case gets MORE complicated

G'day Everyone.

With a bounty on George Zimmerman's head, he's hiding for his dear life and wishing he hadn't fired that damn gun of his at Trayvon Martin. Despite now that the fact that Zimmerman's account of what's happened has come to light across the Internet:

Huffpost article and CNN Report

nothing makes sense any more, other than a teen is dead and George Zimmerman, the shooter, is still free despite some sense of the "truth" has come out. But one thing should be more clear for his lawyer: Craig Sonner. His running away from a TV interview indicates one thing: the guilt of his client! (which is the Huffpost article above). Craig Sonner had better hope he doesn't run out of a court room before some of the STERNEST judges in the USA will throughly question Sonner and his client: Zimmerman.

One other thing:
Zimmerman may not have any more life in the State of Florida or in our wonderful nation. Where he may go, he will not have any sense of peace or security in his life. Even if he wins a "NOT GUILTY" verdict, he will forever be a man that has taken a young man's life. Even if it wasn't self defense. The 911 center told him to WAIT for police, but yet what he's done is his own life GONE in one shot. Let's hope that there's some private island out there for Zimmerman can live on because that's all that's left for him.

If you are a member of neighborhood watch groups, do yourself a favor: drop the guns. Even if they are legal, you can make a shooting mistake like George Zimmerman did.

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