Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The REAL Zimmerman story is leaked out!

G'day Everyone.

If George Zimmerman doesn't get his lawyer and his butt into the nearest police department and plead that he be arrested for his own protection of safety, especially after CNN and Huffington post revealed a certain LEAKED video, the Zimmerman defense story has just broke open and down!

CNN VIDEO and Huffington Post article

Zimmerman has to realize now that his lie and his attempted smear attempt to try to turn the public perception against Treyvon Martin has clearly failed. It should be really clear that the Sanford Police Department and Zimmerman's own "PR" group tried to do everything they could to stop the case.

At this point, Zimmerman must be arrested. If he hasn't fled for the border.

Sadly to say, it's going to be a tough day in justice to try a case with an jury. With the entire country and local community fully informed of this case, it's tough to find a jury person that hasn't even heard the on-going case.

If there is no trial and Zimmerman gets away with it, I promise you this: King Jesus will make sure justice is served on Zimmerman. When that happens, Zimmerman will regret his life on earth of using a gun and being a unlawful watchman. Especially taking the life of a young man as well.

As far as this case goes, the next shoe is going to fall soon. Possible before the end of next week (hopefully before Good Friday is celebrated).

Until then, keep glued to your favorite TV news site.

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