Saturday, March 10, 2012

Disasters and more disasters!

G'day Everyone.

Disasters and more disasters! You wonder when mother nature will settle down and just for once, give us a NICE thunderstorm? But you know what? Those days are kind of past.

Look at Japan. Tomorrow is the 1 year after the earthquake and tsunami nearly destroyed part of Japan. CNN photos.
Japan is still years away from complete reconstruction efforts. But hopefully, nothing of another natural disaster will hinder those efforts.

However, when you look at here in the USA, some parts of the nation have been struck again along the same tornado paths as well.

So what's really causing the storms? Believe it or not, it all comes down to a simple fact. If President Obama opens his mouth and starts talking against Israel, we get hurt and people die. We, The USA, are supposed to be Israel's friend in the world. But, if our President has turned on Israel, then we all face God's judgements.

Chick Article and heart of the article: Somebody Angry!

So ask yourself a question: Should we, the world, mess with God's people and his land? Look at the events that are happening out there: Iran is planning an end game that they will try to hope that Israel gets wiped out and Islam will not only rule the oil, but the entire Middle East.
What if Iran is the one that gets wiped out in the process and the Middle East becomes stable for a while? Nobody will believe it could happen. But what if it does?

For a time the world will be shocked. But then go right back to blame Israel for the destruction of Iran (and any other middle east nation) and then make every attempt to destroy it.

But you know, the world's stage is being set for what will be the last 7 worst years of life. Here on earth, the challenges of living day to day, minute by minute will be so drastic, it will not be an easy one.
Just look at what these tracts describe about these days:

The Beast The Only Hope Things to come Where did they go? Here He Comes!

The Last Generation Squatters Who's Missing?

And if those tracts don't convince you about the coming awful days of the future of life here on earth, this one should: Everyone here on Earth has a date with: The Last Judge

The truth is clear here: The more the world gets angry and messes with Israel in hopes to destroy her, the more clearly that the Bible prophecies will be true and be fulfilled right before our eyes.

Pray that your life is ready to meet the King Jesus. Pray that God calls you home in your sleep rather than being awake and seeing death come before your eyes.

Remember the tornado victims in the mid-west out there. They really do wish it didn't happen but it has. Pray for our President. May he NOT open his mouth against Israel but rather bless that nation!

Till next post, I'll clue you in later.

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