Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Florida Law *MUST* be changed

G'day Everyone.

Outrage has been boiling in Florida. Yet, it may become a political firestorm for the Florida Lawmakers and Gov. Jeb Bush could become EXPENDABLE at the ballot box this political season.

The Zimmerman case

To hear of this white neighborhood watch cop get away with shooting a black teen kid and not being arrest is something that will be the heart of this firestorm.
Most likely the National Rifle Association will try to avoid the issue with a sad statement that people need to be more responsible with their guns.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Florida Lawmakers decides to revoke the "stand your ground" law.

Be prepared for one thing: If the Feds ever decide to arrest Zimmerman to charge him with other charges rather than murder of the kid he shot, expect most likely the Zimmerman will commit suicide rather than face the consequences here on Earth. But in death, Zimmerman will come face-to-face with the dead teen and God in judgement.

Just hope there is justice for Trayvon Martin here on earth because it needs to happen. Zimmerman must answer for his crimes. Pray that it will happen one day because Zimmerman isn't going to walk away from the incident scott free because of the law.

Maybe this will be the political season for the Florida lawmakers that could be unseated in all this. Maybe a recall on Gov. Jeb Bush too. Who knows? Best of luck to them.

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