Friday, March 16, 2012


G'day Everyone.

Be careful where you point your web cam of yours in your dorm room, even if you don't have a roommate.

Everyone got *SHOCKED* across the nation when Ravi was convicted of all the charges.


It seems like Dharun Ravi made his fatal mistake of not taking the stand to offer a defense testimony of himself when he knew it was possible that he'd get hammered. It was a risk that he should have taken. But now that Ravi is convicted of all charges, Ravi is wondering what is so wrong with his life since the day he outed Tyler Clementi through his "joke"? Truth hurts Ravi himself now that outing some who is gay and is not yet ready to tell the world of what he really is, is what can hurt himself as what he's done.

Maybe Ravi should have looked hard at himself in the moment when Tyler Clementi committed suicide. Right now, Ravi's own future of a State Prison sentence is rough as it is. If he had thought of taking the prosecution's offer, he should have. But in the coming days of his prison life, he will have plenty of time to reflect of what he did. Though his dreams of going back to India will be on hold and his survival is his only choice.

But for many of us that believe in Tyler Clementi: Justice was handed down. But for Ravi, even if he appeals the verdict, it will not change what happened.

So I'm giving out advice to many college students and young adults alike: Watch where you point that web cam. Invent a cover for it. Review the passwords. And above all, Respect your roommate: Gay, BI, or Straight, you *MUST* respect him. Such is the important part of life.

Most of all, Ravi should feel fortunate. Why? Had he been charged with attempted murder, that would have carried more years for him. Better yet, death penalty. But in this case, he got lucky.

Maybe Ravi should pray that Clementi will have mercy on him before the sentence is handed down. Good luck, Ravi, yer going to really need it.

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