Thursday, February 2, 2012

Will Mitt Romney fall like Cain?

G'day Everyone.

I haven't done an election post in a while, so here it is:

I strike today at GOP Candidate: Mitt Romney!

A few days ago, Mitt Romney made a big SOUND bite GAFF. Here's the BYTE GAFF

Now, here's a question: Can Mitt Romney avoid a total flame out in the Presidential race? Or will Florida voters take to the streets to demand a RE-VOTE?

With most of the USA still in an economic mess and people very hard of trying to find work, Mitt Romney better propose a future JOB TRAINING and RE-TRAINING act if he wants to be come President.

But the damage may already be too late and he could lose a lot more down the road. His sound byte gaff may come back to haunt him down the road in a way like it hunted Herman Cain.

Romney may regret of what he said. It could cost him his votes, but would he have enough support to force a run-off presidential election against who wins the GOP nomination and President Obama?

That remains to be seen. For Romney, his future is now in peril. Which means he *MUST BE CAREFUL* of what he makes in sound bytes. Any thing less than honesty or "spin doctoring" he does, it will make him THE BIGGEST GOP LOSER OF THE DECADE.

As the GOP shifts to the next state for more votes, things could be much different for the other candidates.

Let's hope Romney makes a good proposals that really help the people of this nation. If he doesn't, the stage right door is open for him.

Onward to the next vote!

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