Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Bowl 2012

G'day Everyone.

For many NFL Football fans, this is the SUPER BOWL 2012 weekend that many have been waiting for! From what I've seen on Twitter and Facebook, some fans are taking Friday and Monday off from their work (if they got vacation days they can use) to enjoy a TRUE 4 day weekend.
The average fan will actually take Monday off to recover from any hang over they experience of.

As every one knows that the NFL Super Bowl is the championship game at the end of the play-off race and the end of the NFL Football season.

There is no doubt that college football fans have been pleading with the BCS and the NCAA to change the way colleges play for the national college football games. Let's hope in the near future, a college football play-off game will be in place and really make things honest.

As it will come Sunday, the big game day, it's going to be the New York Giants vs the New England Patriots. The very obvious favorites will be the Giants. If there's really going to be a good game, both teams had better prepared well.

If you are traveling to the game or HOSTING the big game in your home, please take some GOOD sage advice:

1. Watch where you are driving. Don't speed.
2. Don't drink and drive. You can't afford the cost of DUI.
3. Don't use the cell phone and drive.
4. Don't text and drive.
as I state the case of 3 and 4, you can't afford the serious ticket offense which will put points on your license and drive up the cost of your insurance.
5. Be well rested for the drive on the road.

This year: Police will be all over the roads. There will be road blocks and DUI check points. It will happen all through the weekend. Do not try to avoid them. If you do, you will be arrested and searched.

So if you are hosting a party in your home, please be sensible and limit the amount of alcohol. If any one has too much to drink, take their keys and call a cab for them.

Stay alive this year and enjoy the game.

May this be a good game on Sunday.

My prediction? Giants 56 Patriots 21.

Until next post, There's a cold pigskin on the field. Ahh football.

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