Thursday, February 2, 2012

February 1, 2001--Remember back then?

G'day Everyone.

Someone went and prayed for the soul of Benjamin Varner yesterday. Some one did a shudder of what happened 11 years ago. It was on a day that rocked the campus of Gallaudet University WORSE than before September11, 2001 ever happened.

Read Remember 2-1-01

Joseph Mesa MURDERED Eric Plunkett and Benjamin Varner on the campus of Gallaudet.
He tried to plead insanity, but he ended up being convicted on all 15 counts.

No Matter where Joseph Mesa is serving his prison time, he will rot for as long as lives. His bitter end, should a life term prisoner decide to kill Mesa, is in HELL where he belongs and needs to return. Rot on, Joseph Mesa!

Never forget Eric Plunkett and Ben Varner and their families. They deserve our prayer and comfort.

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