Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Afterwards

G'day Everyone.

How many of us are bleary eyed over the whole super bowl game? Some of us are lucky to have a day off to recover from the party and the game. Some of us are in our traditional Monday Morning Quarterbacking in the arm chairs and hashing about the game.

For me, I'll be brief and simple. AWWWW, RIGHT GIANTS!!

ok. That was simple enough.

Many of us watched the clash of the titans of two great Football teams that ended the entire season of one winner (GIANTS) and one loser (Patriots). It's a good conclusion.
But you know, I think many people will want to tell the NFL Referees Associations to replace those trainers and bring in new people to start training NEW refs for the coming season.

Last night, many people were screaming about the certain but very obvious penalties that the refs let SLIDE and uncalled for. Very obvious at times, both teams had 12 men on the field, in which they got away with it a few times.

As the Giants win 21-17 over the Patriots for the 4th super bowl title, all the players are in for a good long rest until the summer camps open. Though coaching changes could happen over time too.

The NBA Basketball season has gotten underway pretty well despite the lock out.
College Basket ball has a month to get ready for the march madness.
And in a week from now will be LOVE day.

One more thing to note: The monster cold that gripped Europe and the other half of the world could soon be coming to the USA soon. I do expect two snow storms that will dump on my winter less state mid-week and this coming weekend.

But until next post, do a favor: Enjoy the day, don't bash the pats/giants, and enjoy the week.

Laters! (pass the alka-seltzer...)

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