Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Proposition 8 heads to the Surpreme Court next!

G'day Everyone:

Don't expect Gay marriages to resume California soon. While the Appeals court wouldn't affirm that Gay marriage could resume, they declared the ban unconstitutional.
Prop 8 Appeals court decision

So now those who kept up this fight to keep the ban in place, every one's eyes are now turned to the U.S. Supreme court which could make a decision for the rest of the nation on the future of legal gay marriages in ALL U.S. 50 states, not just California alone.

Question is, how will it impact on states with gay marriage already going on?

Whatever happens, The U.S. Supreme court will have a tough task of getting into the arguments that could make their live much more unpopular. But then you know the U.S. Supreme court is unpopular any how! *sigh* Such is a great life.

So what happens now? This could impact upon the Presidential elections. For President Obama, he has to make a decision on how to help the GLBT voters find favor with him. Same for the Democrat candidates.
But for the GOP candidates, they have to be able to propose something of a promise that they can really do for the GLBT community if they can get elected.

Every other president has gotten the vote into the office of President and only to reneged on the promises made to the GLBT.

Should we, the GLBT community, be concerned what we hear out of President Obama and the GOP candidates?
YES! We should be concerned of hearing all the promises made for votes. Who ever wins the elections and then renegade on the promises again could face a backlash from the GLBT community. Heck, President Bush nearly did a few times and escaped from it all.

At this point we, the GLBT, should be aware of what hot air is sprouted by Obama and GOP. But until then, feed them some ice cold water and wait for Summer 2012. By then, we'll consider their actions heading into the Fall 2012.

Until next post, I'll clue you in later.

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