Friday, February 24, 2012

Rutgers and PSU court cases get interesting!

G'day Everyone.

There's two court cases that are underway at the present. Both are very serious cases.

Lets start with: The Tyler Clementi case.

One interesting fact about it is this: Dharun Ravi thinks he's innocent and what he just did to his roommate was just OUT to the world that Tyler was gay. But, Dharun doesn't realize of how much trouble he's in for causing Tyler's death. Even though he says "I'm innocent, but I didn't mean to cause his death" (which is what you do form the opinion from the facts), Ravi has no chance in court to protect himself. At the present, he is no longer a student at Rutgers University. Watch this case, this could set the cases against all cyber-bullying.

In the next case: Who'd believe that the Federal Government would get involved in the Sandusky Scandal case. Read: The Federal Probe into the PSU case

One thing very wisely: Sandusky's lawyer, which has ran his mouth off at every opportunity to tell the local reporters that his client was innocent and the truth will win out, was asked to comment about the federal government probe. Sandusky's lawyer said "Sorry, No comment!".

Obviously, the Federal Government probe has become a game changer in the PSU case. Maybe now Sandusky will request that he change from his house arrest to a local jail cell in hopes to keep the Federal probe at bay. But, it won't matter. What's important is this: Since our federal government gets involved, maybe a proper investigation happens. Maybe it will result in some TOUGH Federal charges that Sandusky can't beat.

The sad thing is, the Federal government should have stepped in long before Joe Paterno died. But you can't blame the Feds for respectfully waiting this long. Hopefully the Feds will convict Sandusky in case he beats the state charges. If that happens, I think a lot of people will be glad.

But, until the summer case of Sandusky, be watchful of the Clementi case.

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