Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lent Season 2012 Begins

G'day Everyone.

The Catholic season of Lent has begun as people are recovering from Fat Tuesday which ended hours ago. Most are trying to get back to work and earn a living as much as they can do.

While the Lent season is an important 40 days of fasting and introspection of the faith, it is also a time of prayer for many things that are happening upon this earth.

Syria is in the midst of a civil war. Iran is considering a first strike on nations that it feels most threatened by. That would make a bad public relations on the face of Islam that is suppose to be a peaceful religious life, but not one of the face of war. So why should a nation kill other people in the name of "Allah"? If I wanted to kill people in the name of God to promote my religious faith long ago, I would have been in prison. OR at the worst, dead.

No. Vengeance is not mine, but it belongs to God who has PERFECT judgement for killing mankind through natural disasters. But if a nation messes with the nation of Israel? That nation better expect some type of natural disaster to fall upon them for any reason from God. Nobody should mess with Israel, though this world will do exactly it is predicted to do in the book of Revelation as it's stated in the Holy Bible.

As the lent season winds through the week of Passover and leading up to Easter, we should be praying for our lives since we do not know when death may hit us at any time. In saying that, please check out: Chick Tract

Please pray for our nation and many other nations of this world. For if we are on the path to the wars that are about to come, then pray that God be merciful to all of us. Pray for our leaders. What they decide to do will be judgement upon their nation.

God bless to each of you during this lent season.

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