Friday, February 24, 2012

Iran Executes a pastor!

G'day Every one.

I have to say this: I'm angry at the nation of Iran that claims that Islam is a peaceful religious faith.
But then, why does Iran feel threatened by this Pastor?
Here, read the case: Iran's execution order

There is but one fact: Iran, that believes in Islam, is afraid of Christians that spread the truth of Jesus Christ and faith in Salvation. Because people will know the true God more than ALLAH.

If Iran does execute a christian pastor, I know this will NOT be the first christian killed. But Iran should expect JUDGEMENT from God himself! If God does a supernatural judgement on Iran, their pleas to Allah will fall on very mute ears of their god (who isn't able to help them).

If Iran wants to spare themselves of God's judgement, they should spare the execution and deport the pastor to the USA (or any other free country).

Pray for a miracle, my friends. If God rescues this pastor from Iran, Praise God. But, if Iran executes him, God will welcome him home (heaven) but execute his judgement on Iran. God still wins no matter what happens.

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Jim said...

Nothing in the Bible mention that God name was Allah. None of the disciples ask Jesus what was God name or if he had any other names. I sure hope Iran simply deport the person than execute him because he became Christian. When let say any religious person joins another church, do we execute the person for doing so? No because that is the person freedom of religious rigths. Iran follows Islam and believe anyone that changes from Islam or Muslim to Christian will be executed. That isn't God's Love and surely that isn't peaceful as well. God will judge Iran for their actions. That will not be a pretty picture to see.