Friday, February 10, 2012

Local jury for Jerry Sandusky? RRRRRIIIGGGHHTT

G'day Everyone.

It seems like Jerry Sandusky wants to have The Death Penalty fall on him since he's asking for the local community of State College serve on the jury duty for his upcoming trial.
Only one problem is this: Everyone is all tainted from the way he's put out stories till his lawyer finally gagged Jerry's mouth completely shut.

Prosecutor request

However, it's clear that most of the State College community and mostly Pennsylvania is already TAINTED about the Sex abuse scandal that happened at PSU.

But does Jerry Sandusky actually feel any remorse for causing the death of Joe Paterno? For crying out loud, that was his boss. Jerry ought to be sued by the Paterno family in a civil lawsuit for what he's done. Maybe that should be made very clear on that to Jerry before he decides to fight for whatever truth he has left.

Meanwhile, he ought to make his entire family and friends that he can't see everyone.

Stay indoors, Jerry!

Unless Jerry wants to transfer to jail in order to see his grand kids and friends, he doesn't know how fortunate he has to be in his own home and his wife with him. For sure, the SON OF A BITCH ought to be in a jail cell because of the serious charges that are against him.

As most of the drama plays out in court today, I'm sure we'll all hear something by the end of the day. But, if Jerry has a good lawyer, one best advice would be this: Stay in Jail, Jerry boy. Because time can be counted against you if they convict you.
But obviously, Jerry thinks he's got truth. However, if Jerry has already pissed off the entire Penn State community, he may be better off pleading to be safe in his cell for the rest of his life.

And that is where he BELONGS RIGHT NOW!

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