Sunday, February 26, 2012

Leap Day 2012 AKA Sadie Hawkins Day.

G'day Everyone.

Leap Day is here again. After last seen in 2008, it has come back in 2012. It also means another thing. Leap Day is also Sadie Hawkins Day!
Is that a good thing? Only if you are married or have a partner already!! (tough beans). Those that want to change to a new person? Sorry, you can't!

Sadie Hawkins day is usually when a woman goes after a single man that she wants to be married to. REALLY! But over the years, many single women and men have chased each other on that day. The same thing some times happens in the GLBT community too.

So be ready for Leap Day / Sadie Hawkins Day 2012. If you are single and available, I hope you find who will love you.

uh-oh. Just one problem. I'm single and available too! eek! (Hiding the PSU cap and my Sherlock Hat). Good luck finding me, men and women! If the right person nabs my heart on Leap Day, I'm sure I'm going to have a happy life too. (maybe).

So best wishes! Clock's ticking! Get ready. Sadie Hawkins day begins at 12:01 am Wednesday, February 29th! Tally-ho!

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