Monday, February 27, 2012

From 40 years ago to the Present time.

G'day Everyone.

When the Summer of 1972 hit, we were in a gas crisis. It wasn't bad. But the gas prices spiked to the point from mere cents it was to over a $1.75 a gallon. The price of a postage stamp from the U.S. Post Office was $ .09 cents an ounce. For a time, nobody didn't tell me, as a young kid, that our nation was in serious trouble with the Arabs.

But eventually, we survived as a nation. The kids and I that grew up in those days knew the sense of peace that adults would work things out and nations wouldn't have so much trouble. Especially in the political life.

Fast forward to 2012 and thinking about Summer 2012. As an adult now, we're all concerned of Gas prices hiking up to $5.00/gallon and the price of the postage stamp from the U.S. Post Office to be $ .50 cents an ounce.

Who would believe that in 40 years times that things would be this much worse? When I look back on 1972, we had more of an optimestic feeling about our future of our nation and our world.
But on the present side of time, our nation and this world is in present trouble. The rise of crime, weapons, and war are ever presently on our minds. The threat of nuclear weapons are a very dangerous concern.

What ever happens at this point of our lives, we are looking at an environmental disaster to happen. Look at Japan. Last year's tidal disaster was the worst to watch and bear. The debris from that disaster is about to hit our U.S. West Coast shores this year in which we will have to clean up and dispose of it.

But: what happens if there's more than 3 nuclear explosions some where in the world this year? Things are going to change politically, economically, and socially in all countries. Israel and Iran are talking about going to war soon. That is NOT good.

Do we have hope for the future beyond 2012? That depends. Even young kids are concerned as well.

The day the first nation fires it's nuclear weapon at another nation in hopes of winning "the war", they will never be able to compensate the survivors the destruction.

Let's hope this will NOT be a bad Summer. But as political voters, we must take care of this country and pray for our leaders. Especially for President Obama.

But until Summer, pray we get thru Lent/Easter first.

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