Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nearly One Year Later in Japan. Daytona Smackdown!

G'day Everyone.

Never forget 3/11/2011. The year of the Japan Quake and Tsunami that happened there. It was very horrible. There are still archived videos across the Internet that records the images of the tidal wave that struck across the northern part of Japan.

But now CNN is showing an article about REBUILDING Japan. Believe me this is a long work in process. However, the nuclear nightmare will continue for some time.

Link: CNN Japan Article

For those of you, who braved the hours of the Florida heat, rain, the cool of the night, and being dog tired all day Tuesday, should have your tickets from the Daytona 500 framed and up on your wall so that you can live to tell the future of how this year's kick-off of the NASCAR season began: *SMASH* Bang* WHAM* and *BOOM!* (fake jet fuel explosion).

Many people said that this year's Daytona 500 has become a CRASHtona 500 race. It was wet, WILD, and for the better part: WEIRD race to start the season.

While Danica Patrick got her car wrecked, repaired, and returned to the track, she got her experience of the NASCAR races. (you'll do better girl! I count on it!).

The auto race season has begun and I will tell you, this will GET UGLY here.

But if the price of gas keeps going up, it could force NASCAR to watch their budget carefully and maybe CHOP a few races. But, we will see. So last night may have a NASCAR type daytona smack down.. but they'll never equal to the WWE. :-)

On a personal scale of a note: Please pray for many of the victims involved in the Ohio School shooting. This is a very bad situation caused by one student who felt he had to strike back at others. This is not a good end to the month of February 2012. Keep watch on the CNN.com for further updates.

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