Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tithing in the present time: A false idea in Church!

G'day Everyone.

When I was saved, that is accepting Christ as a personal savior, there was something right off the bat that made me think something was wrong in the Christian faith world.

For many years, I looked in the old testament (yes, tithing required). I looked in the new testament (no, tithing NOT required).

I've sat and listened to various pastors through out my life and tested them with "WHY should we Christians Tithe when it's a Jewish belief that belongs in the OLD TESTAMENT law?". You would be laughing at the outrageous answers and then be angry for it.

Finally, a good friend of mine found a website that clearly teaches the TRUE facts about Tithing:

NO Tithing, New Testament

and I'll rant on with several other links from the same site on Tithing:

Family Finances first, NOT CHURCH!

Irresponsible giving

and finally, If you really want to know the truth about Tithing

Then READ this LINK!

Now, if any pastor that dares to contradict me about tithing in the new testament, I'd call him a Pharisee in a nano-second.

Churches (of any faith) should NOT beg nor plead nor force their congregations (forced collections) to give the money. Pastors should QUIT while they are ahead.

Pastor, if you are real and true called by God to preach God's word as a minister, you'll believe in faith that God provides for you and your family. So stop trying to influence people to give to your ministry.

If I knew a church in the world that believes in God and preaches salvation, I would be going to it. But, here is a difference: Everyone in this church would have a normal job outside the church. Their pastor might be fortunate to find a company that is flexible to use him so that he can respond to congregation emergencies, like sickness and death and so on.
What would make this church different? Very simple:


That's why there's no need for collecting any tithes. People from all walks of life donate the things that they don't need: Good clothes, toys, good UNEXPIRED food, and of course, money: cash only. No checks or credit cards are accepted If checks and credit cards are found in the poor box, it's sent back to their owners without comment.

Whatever is collected in the box is sent to the poor or the needy in the city. Money is counted and given to pay for the taxes (Federal, State, and local) and utilities. If any be left over, the church can use it for a good purpose.

Everyone in this ministry is already a missionary for God. Nobody is required to pay into poor box. It's a fact. If God tells you in your heart to donate something that you don't need or no longer use, then you do it. If your finances are fine, then you give with a willing and cheerful heart without a problem. You don't make a big show of it. Just do it quietly.

If Salvation is FREE without cost or requirement, then it is just that. Believe in Jesus Christ as a personal savior is trust beyond death, church, and this poor world.

Finally and lastly, I have a message for all these pastors out there: For all of you who have lived the RICH LIFE off your ministry: There is a day of ACCOUNTING at the throne of King Jesus coming. Everyone, even you and me, is required to show up to give a tally of our life. Are you ready? Don't laugh, pastor, because everything will be closely looked at in our lives. Tissue boxes (i hope) will be on hand because every one's tears will be flowing.

Having the best of life does not mean God's blessing. But being saved and serving God is the best blessing of life in all.

Let's leave tithing in the old testament days. Give according to the will of God and without requirement.

Thank you and God bless.

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