Friday, January 13, 2012

Want to join an outrage?

G'day Everyone.

If you value the quality of human life.. you have to join some outrageous moments in medical decisions.

The outrage

Now, if doctors are starting to decide to allow people of all stages of disabilities to suffer in their lives, then they have left their compassion and ethics the moment they made that decision. They will stand before God to explain away their decision of why they had to let disabled people to suffer.

Disabled people need to be able to live a quality of life in the lives of those who are caring for them. But if a doctor refuses to help carry out the healing process. Then other doctor and hospital ought to step in, with out any care about finances, but having tons of ethics and compassion for the disabled community. God brings disabled community in to the lives of people.

IF doctors and hospitals don't care for them, then they better watch out for God. Because God's righteous judgements will fall on them in the most UNEXPECTED way.

Have compassion for disabled people please.

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