Friday, January 13, 2012

Can Paterno be brought back at PSU?

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G'd Day Everyone.

While new president of PSU is in the meetings with the PSU alumni across the State of Pennsylvania and NYC, there is now a question rising among everyone:

Can Joe Paterno be brought back to his football coaching position at PSU?

Unfortunately, in the minds of many people: It's too late. Not only did Joe Paterno wanted to resign at the end of the season, but his own health is on the line. That's when the Board of Trustees of Penn State University (BOTs of PSU) stepped in. They decided in their own haste to protect their interests: They FIRED Joe Paterno from his position. They wouldn't accept the resignation at all.

Bringing him back to the position of the Head Coach of Football would be an admission of guilt and haste decisions. But, at the same time it's too late as well. The new PSU Football Head Coach is Bill O'Brien. He's already has made his place on the football staff. You can bet he'll fight tooth and nail to stay at PSU.

That puts the BOTs of PSU in a troublesome position right now. Even if the new President of PSU tries to calm the alumni of PSU out there, it won't quell of what's happened in November 2011.
If the BOTs of PSU got pressured to fire Paterno, which was a sports writer's dream of splashing the head lines with his column and sports piece, then PSU has bowed to it. It's makes the Media guilty as well for their greed.

At the present, I can only say this: What has happened at PSU in November 2011 was an event that was unavoidable. Sandusky's grand standings hurt not only himself and his court case, but all of those around him. Which means: does he really have any hope of a fair trial in Pennsylvania or in the nation? At this point, I don't think so. In other words, if Sandusky wants to have his day in court, he might as well ask that it be held in Canada. Or at the worst, on the international space station.

Since the BOTs of PSU did not want to wait for the wheels of justice to move fast enough for their decisions, maybe to fire Joe Paterno was right idea. But, to do it with 3 games left was, of course, was a bad idea. Under Tom Brady, the season ended on a 2-2 note for him.

Now that 2012 is here, it's an all new year. Bill O'Brien is now head coach. He's trying to repair and reform the football team in time for the coming games. He has to find out who's willing to come play for him. PSU has a lot of anger to return some losses back to the teams that beat them.
Sandusky's day will be in court this Summer 2012. Will he really be vindicated or will he be GUILTY? I would be sure that he'd make a plea deal quickly as possible to spare the expense of a trial.
For Joe Paterno: Taking time for his family and his health is more important now. Loyalty to PSU can be for all they want, but betrayal is never forgiven.

Perhaps JoePA's firing was a step to help the victims heal. But it's also a step to fight against Sandusky as well.
In this case: JoePA is not only a victim of the BOTs of PSU, but Sandusky too.

Lastly, the new president of PSU has a rough job to do: smoothing things with the alumni community. But until Summer, he may not have an easy spring.

Until then, those that are left at PSU should study well and prepare for the future. What ever happens, PSU will get through this. Just as long as there's a formal paw print on Sandusky that says JUSTICE.

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