Saturday, January 14, 2012

MLK weekend

I would say G'day if I had a choice. But not today.
Not when this weekend is Martin Luther King (MLK) holiday.

Everyone has their pro (for), con (against), and anti-MLK (very against MLK) views across the news and blog landscape.

I like the African/American (black) community. But not MLK.

MLK is just about everywhere: streets named after him. Pictures hung on walls in public places, Quotes inscribed just about anywhere the public can see it. Memorial to MLK in the DC is so outrageous, that I'm sure MLK himself would step up from the grave and say "Do not worship me. Worship God alone!".

Since MLK died, MLK has been judged by the Lord God himself. What justice was served then? Possible a rough one since MLK said "I have a dream" speech.

Today, I replace MLK's speech with my own speech.

I have a dream

I have a dream
and in this dream, I have seen the future of earth.
The world shattered by the acts of the Anti-christ.
Anti-Christ sought to destroy Israel and the earth.
To prevent King Jesus from taking over the world which is his royal duty
as described in the Word of God.

I have a dream in which the Lord Jesus returns exactly as it is written
Written in the Word of God, the Bible.
Coming down from Heaven and touching the earth.
He restores the earth,
gives out the food to the victims of the Anti-Christ.
and brings the justice and judgements.

He restores the peace
The World is whole again, even for a 1000 years.
Then the final battle amounts in victory for the Lord God.

No dream of man, nor mine, can accomplish for mankind.
But only the Lord Jesus.
The dream has been written in the Word of God.
in the verses and in the Book Revelation.
That dream I have dream shall become REAL LIFE!

Fear, oh People.
The day is coming.
7 years will be the worst times upon the earth.
Then the King is here.
No, not MLK

Prepare yourself. Time is short.

And in death, even MLK is aware of that now. May God have mercy on his poor soul.

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