Wednesday, January 11, 2012

United Airlines in HOT water.

G'day Everyone.

If United Airlines wants to stay in Pittsburgh, PA, then they may want to apologize to the Pittsburgh Fans for the way they were treated in Denver, Colorado.

United Airline Taunting

You can really bet that those employees in Denver will be looking for new jobs (especially the one who posted that little message) and United Airlines doing some drastic public relations image postings.

Also heard that Alabama players and fans were also taunted on their way back home as well. Nobody doesn't like what happened in football games. Especially in play-off games.

One other thing: The mayor of Pittsburgh may well want to re-think making sports bets next time during play-offs.

Pittsburgh Mayor Tebows

Now, if Mayor Hancock can overcome his political rivals in the next election, he may want to invoke a certain promise: "I promise NOT to Tebow in public ever again". But chances are that voters may want to change mayors for someone better. Some one who won't bet their political life image, but use the food instead!!

Meanwhile: The BCS may have just heard every one's reactions out there. Even now that Alabama has won too many titles, the tipping point has arrived. (thanks, 'bama. We knew you'd force a change finally!)

BCS changes?

Finally and lastly, a personal word to a friend of mine out there in Alabama: I do apologize to you but I won't talk to you until your precious Alabama has lost several games this fall. So you can take that bet to the bank for it. Best wishes to you till next year's BCS game.

That being said, I have heard among my friends that the LSU/Alabama game has divided many people while some have gotten RICH in the extreme sports bettings.

Nobody may not like how the entire BCS season went. But people need time away from each other. Some how, some friends will come back to being friends again. IF it's strong enough.

Until then, wait till this weekend of football for more blood baths.

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