Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Broncos' SIN is revealed, BCS, and JayPA

G'day Everyone.

If the NFL takes a closer look at play-off games, especially in Overtimes, this one should have been RED FLAGGED (meaning dead ball along with penalty).

If you want to know Tim Tebow's sin, then read this LINK

This revelation should bring a complaint out of Pittsburgh Steelers. If it does, it would bring a closer look on how the game happens this weekend when the Broncos goes to the New England Patriots field. Believe me, the Patriots will be watching a lot more closely and taking no chances.

If it happens again this weekend, Tim Tebow and his 3:16 (bible verse) may not be any more effective in the NFL. Neither will his Tebowing either. It'll prove he's a sinful man as well as his team.

And for this, if the Broncos and Tim Tebow may need to send a personal apology to Pittsburgh Steelers. But only then Pittsburgh's response may bring out their glove and smack them on the face of the broncos and say: "REMATCH! WITHOUT Tim Tebow!". If that happens, NFL just may have to allow that game to settle the dispute before the 2012 season starts.

In the BCS, there may be a welcome change that will come. Most of the people are thanking Alabama for that change to finally happen:
College Play-offs?

Sadly to say, The Paternos are no longer associated with Penn State University. The infamous Jay Paterno, JayPA for short, has resigned from PSU after finding out he would have no future with the PSU Football team.

Bye-bye JayPA

While the Sandusky case and the PSU has cleared away most of the PSU Football staff, it'll be months to wait till we find out next Fall 2012 if it will make it an effective change in the PSU football team. By the time Summer 2012 hits, the PSU and the community could well be rocked by what Sandusky says in court.

Whatever happens in the football world, let's hope change is positive.

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