Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lackluster night in the BCS Championship Game.

G'day Everyone.

Last night, the BCS Game looked like it was scripted so that Alabama could win the National Title outright in a "performance" that made it seem that the Tides beat the Tigers.

But was L.S.U. really playing or were they holding back until it was too late?

Whatever it was, it was clear that Alabama was to have that National Championship Title for whatever reason.

Even by the start of the 4th quarter, the stadium was just a sea of Alabama Fans. LSU fans left in disgust at what was going on. I wouldn't be surprised if they all demanded their money back.

Which means, by the time Les Miles gets back to LSU campus, his life's work could be questioned and possible told to pack his bags and get out.
One more thing for Les Miles: He better have a good answer why he didn't change Quarterbacks when he was screamed at to do so. Any self-respecting coach would have yanked the poor performing Quarterback in favor of a back-up QB long before 3rd quarter. If Les Miles didn't have that guts to do it, he should be told to get the hell out of L.S.U. before the end of the day.

For Nick Saban, I personally think he can do two things: First, choke to death on the National Championship title for exacting revenge from LSU. That was the worst thing of his entire life to lead a team of guilty men of doing just that.

Second, he should fear God right now. Because if God decides to put ANOTHER TORNADO on the ground of Saban's state and destroy the entire nation of Alabama again, it could be a very permanent thing to do of which Saban and his players would have no home nor college.

Perhaps last night should be the call for BCS to install a true play-off system. After the mess of this season, it's time that there is a system in place and there should be.

One more thing: Alabama should enjoy their title. Just party it up and get drunk for all their worth.

But the moment Summer 2012 hits when college football camps open, every college is going to put a target map on the wall and mark Alabama and say "This is the team to beat. Beat them, hurt them, stop them and the title will be OURS!". That will be the mantra across the south east USA by the colleges. Hopefully, it'll be the end of Crimonson Tides for good.

So up your health care plans, 'Bama Boys. You asked for it. Broken Bones and blood losses this coming fall for you all!

Expect revenge to be exacted by the NEW LSU Tigers. When that happens, you'll thank God then and not Nick Saban. If Auburn really burns the 'Bama boys, Praise God then!

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