Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sherlock to the People of Penn State: Step up NOW!

G'day Everyone.

Today is my message to the People of Penn State (that is Pennsylvania State-wide):
Step up! Rise up! ACT UP RIGHT NOW!

Why? Because Jerry Sandusky
wants "access" (meaning to see) his grandchildren.

Sandusky Request

We must rise up as the people of Pennsylvania and tell the prosecutor in the case to tell to Sandusky's judge: DON'T CHANGE SANDUSKY'S TERMS OF BAIL!

Jerry Sandusky hasn't shown any ounce of care, grief, or remose for all the damages he's caused on the campus of Penn State University. He hasn't shown any real respect for the death of Joe Paterno and he shouldn't have been allowed to be at the funeral either!

In any real case, Sandusky MUST BE DENIED to even protect members of his own family: Namely grand-children. Sandusky must be patient and acknowledge the seriousness of the charges that are against him. He will get his day in court, but the terms of his bail must remain UNCHANGED.

The only way Jerry Sandusky can see his friends and grand- kids if he goes BACK BEHIND JAIL BARS WHERE HE BELONGS. That's the only decision a judge should say to Jerry Sandusky clearly.

Until then, Tell the prosecutor and the judge exactly how we, the people of Penn State all feel.
RISE UP and say it CLEARLY!

Till next post, we shall cling to POWER of JUSTICE!

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