Wednesday, January 18, 2012


G'day Everyone.

What could happen in congress could be the biggest mess to impact the Internet across the nation.

This is the discussion about SOPA and PIPA that could be voted on in Congress in the next few days. The result is that the Government would take over in and effort to stop Anti-piracy happening on the Internet. This would also strike at the hackers as well.

People who have made illegal copies of movies and songs across the net are also hackers as well.

So if you think the Internet has gone wonky today..

Then read the articles that I'm posting for your benefit:
SOPA 101

The Internet is the people!

SOPA Explained

Understand this: The pirates and the hackers were warned long ago NOT TO HARM the people or the Internet itself.

Today, the Internet gates could crash down on every web site, even mine, in an effort to control and make things legal.

Blame it on the pirates. Blame it on the hackers. Blame it on who you want to blame it on.

But do tell congress to act smart and act careful. In this age of the Presidential election, even this vote of SOPA and PIPA could go right against them and be voted out of their own office. Tell your Representatives to vote NO! Call for a sane congress. And tell them to find a better way to track these Internet pirates and hackers down and make them pay!

and by the time the SOPA and PIPA protests are over, maybe the "light" will come back on at different websites. Except, I'd like to see wikileaks CLOSED PERMANENTLY!!


Richard said...

███████ everything ████ ███ █ is █ █████ ██ fine █████ ██████ ███. ████'█ ██ ██████. The ████ ███ █ government ████ ███ ██ knows ████ ███ best █ █████ ██.

Sherlock Steve said...

Did I mention that there was censorship going on? NOT MY DOING! God, I hope not!!